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After The Legend Vol. 3 (Features & Collaborations)

by Fubar

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futuristic, yet medieval in essence / words turn ordinary people to henchmen / evil intentions / bars are a lethal injection / and the hypodermic needle's infected / everything I'm spitting is acidic / living in a prison / made of flesh and wishing it was different / nobody's sicker, I'm sickest of the sickest / enter my domain and witness the infliction / only thing I'm missing is the beard / I'm Christ with a trumpet ready to make a Christian disappear / listen with your mind, don't listen with your ears / that's the only way that you can envision what you hear / hunter and gatherer fishing with a spear / with a nature that might at any minute interfere / I am Braveheart, never giving in to fear / write thoughts as if I've been in prison for a year
put your spine in a vice grip / put a knife in your right rib / gouge your eyes with an ice pick / torture is the game and your life is the jackpot / surviving this will be as hard as finding a Sasquatch / Lockness mystery / picturing my complex imagery / causing you to drop dead physically / welcome to a much different plane of existence / in hindsight probably should have stayed at a distance / I'll strike the moment you try invading my business / this pipe I'm holding is what I'm breaking your ribs with / woke up in the morning with a need for violence / stare at me the wrong way I'll beat you lifeless / just look the other way and there won't be an issue / punch will rip half of your dome when it hits you / you seem intelligent / let's see how long it'll take for you to leave the premises
I see you spend a lot of time on those wack lines / might spare your life if you ask nice / die when I grab mics / bring tidal waves to ensure you won't survive when you capsize / are you ready for your death? / fuck a gun / I'll take a machete to your neck / none of us / are listening to anything you got to say / dead serious, everything will stop today / I am certain of your doom / visualized it writing verses in a room / end of the line, it's curtains for your crew / skill is precise like a surgeon with his tools / cannibal born on the surface of the moon / I gain the powers of any person I consume / if you have the nerve to auto-tune / I'll feed you a live grenade, let it disperse inside of you
I'm the spirit of a ghost / the liquid in my throat / is acidic and venomous, I spit it to corrode / try and diminish what I wrote / I'll form a black hole in your chest and watch your physical implode / if you've never heard of me you're living in a hole / my mission is to spread like religion on the globe / I want to control you, specifically your soul / launching attacks where kings are relinquishing their thrones / twisted in the dome / motto is to fix it if it's broke / that's the reason why I'm digging up your bones / to put them back together and stitch it 'til it holds / dark with no light, I'm wicked as a whole / savage in the crowd / ready to attack you for the crown / reciting bible passages he found / you would've thought a fire-breathing dragon was around / how I incinerate and turn matter into clouds
the epitome of dark / killing me is hard / any weapon that you bring I am ripping it apart / Legend of Sharp Tongue, officially a Shark / 16's capable of ripping infantries apart / no survivors, every hostage is dying / when he walks in the room you feel a drop in the climate / no escaping it there is no dodging his vice grip / his voice-box makes his esophagus priceless / you are still spitting bars? you are killing me, I got next / you're in a lagoon swimming with the Lochness / monstrous, Godzilla-like type of skeleton density / built with an excellent memory / devilish entity / glands pump adrenaline readily / then turns into mescaline steadily / you don't want to be the first to step / realize you're already on the verge of death


released February 2, 2019


all rights reserved



Fubar Chicago, Illinois

Member of Shark Brothers.

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