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Join Us EP

by Fubar & Brutal Caesar

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Join Us 01:04
Fubar: welcome to the EP, it is I and the Brutal one nothing but lines and a slew of drums hard hitting bars from myself follow the leader as I embark inside Hell Satan is as much a part of me as skin tissue, even the blood and arteries I know it sounds like I'm evil at the root but I'm not, I found my religion in the booth it is time to worship, lines are perfect serving a life sentence, I'll die a wordsmith when I walk in people cry in churches it's like they just met Jesus Christ in person this is just a little introduction to someone who thrives in the middle of a function I'm nice, and I don't have a choice here it is.. I hope you enjoy
Fubar: muthafuck mumble rap, I hate all of you lames tracks make me want to take a chainsaw to your face you better pray that it's over with twin blades I'ma poke you with staring at your face but emotionless perpetually stuck in a zone looking for the real reason why I'm nuts in the dome I'll be hiding in a bush right in front of your home 'til you pass by, then get a punch to the throat violent as fuck, prepare for a knife to the gut if I arrive and you don't keep your eyes to the front there's no reason to talk unless you want it to end bad with a little slow bleeding involved it's Fubar, nuts even twisted in fact from the multitude of drugs that I did in the past trust I'ma kill it and dash show up where the magic happens.. cut the magician in half Majin: truth be told though a reaper homie I'm sort of godly fuck with me and I'll fold you quicker than origami watch me morph to Ozzy while I'm dressed as Batman in your girl's pussy like she's in need of a cat-scan catch a back-hand, I'm talking straight to your frontal lobe on my Predator shit I come to Earth just to hunt the globe make the sun explode, that's something you can't relate to soon as I enter the booth I turn it to my escape room evade doom? nah homie, I'm ruling with an iron fist move like the Invisible Man to show you all I exist take a shit on your grave after making you die in piss you can try and dis but homie there's no denying this fucking with my lioness will lead you to what violence is word to all the hieroglyphs studied by all the scientists though one of the quietest I'm forever the mightiest though one of the quietest I'm forever the mightiest Hidden: when we speak be quiet bitch, bring it harder than a diamond is barge in with an iron fist, disarm you when the giant spit harm you on some violent-ish lead the charge, leave you playing the world's smallest violin you're emo than a bitch, do the math like a scientist me and Fubar fuck shit up, bash through your sinuses don’t give a fuck what Simon says, ill? yeah we kind of sick kind of quick, leave you fucked up, keg of Heineken put me in the fight again, faceoff vs. the world this music game a bitch, see me take off with her pearls do what thou wilt, the extent of my ethics elephant how we stepping, footprint on you peasants eveready, metal heavy, Killswitch Engage stay calm most the time, but I can still get enraged still kill with a blade, spill real on the page Hip Hop fantasy camp? Hidden be Ill Bill for the day
M-Acculate: welcome to my broken skull sessions, my heart's as cold as stone ain't connecting internet when I start to load the chrome leave them underneath son with my dark overtones pussy rappers needing surrogates, they can't hold their own darts are thrown with so much precision like an archer rap is not decision, it's religion I'm a martyr lessons given by the father, within my departure witness true prodigy within this fire starter swigging pints of lager, get in mood to kill several of my usual tipples at you funeral Fubar and Brutal, give in and hail Caesar you're going nowhere like immigrants with failed visas warming up like stale pizza, on the hunt like male cheetahs you're messing with hands of fate like the dude who nailed Jesus to the cross, you've truly lost your mind if you go against mine this is so intense, find there's no co-defense time for your show to end Fubar: there is nobody that is darker than me they'll remember me forever, staring at the scars that I leave as far as the beats? I annihilate relatively easily, even think of bars while I sleep I was raised in the streets, back then every day of the week I used to kneel down and pray for a feast I was basically weak things change with time, so nowadays I need something I take it and leave I hear voices coming from inside of the walls that's why I'm here staring at this knife in my palm even now I'm reciting a song sixteen after sixteen, knowing I didn't write it at all paranoid 'til the end of infinity staring at strangers like they have the intention of killing me I'd cut my neck if I'm presented a guillotine for now I commence my incredible killing spree QC: a fist full of dynamite to rearrange the planet raise our fists into the air until the population panics throw a fist in their face if they disrespecting a savage Voltron splits into 2 when we come and double the damage always dropping these hammers & scattered flames through a paddock I'll grab your brain by the cord and swing it while recording a classic fuck these these average modern day rappers flapping their gums you can't walk through this jungle you'll get devoured out runned while you're looking at your mobile devices we pounding drums this is Hip-Hop 101 you'll get buried under a ton get the record kicking backwards and summon the spirit grunts every second of the session we leaving the booth slumped leave the ball in my court I'll space walk flip it then I'll dunk ain't no punks around here we put the fear in the funk we don't talk around here it's punches, beers and them blunts this is Hip-Hop baby 2020 bury the chumps
Fubar: I'm the angel that'll sound the loudest horn lifted a sword right after putting down the crown of thorns usually I like letting go and not thinking that's the main reason I'll never stop drinking I'll take your head, cut it off with a chainsaw for having a style as soft as a Drake song better off inside of your home, just stay put I poke with a knife, you rather poke on Facebook welcome to the church of the dead collector of lost souls and certainly I've earned what I've kept ancient artifacts imbued a curse on my flesh if you touch my skin, it'll burn you to death you don't want to battle with a heart that is brittle you jumped in a pool with a shark in the middle I'm known as the answer to the hardest of riddles I'll take your forehead and carve my initials L.E.O.: born a spit kicker, dealing with a split liver tongue on rapid fire, calling it The Quicksilver y'all some avid liars, in hell's bath retired I'm selling pitch forks and no remorse for the buyers Jeremiah, Jebedhia, smoking J's, Bible papers for the Quakers, my aria defying the choir Eboneezer redemption with the Nebacanezzar Ceasar brutal when I'm stabbing detective inspectors hit it from the back, laced them up from the front made myself a paper stack, the paper route is what you want word to the Beasties, pot heads with reachies Nadia Comaneci, the somersault feels queasy believe me, you are not inside my hemisphere couldn't love you more if I adorned you with tennis gear Federer, Nadal, strike like Djokovic the taxes are priceless just for these opus riffs Eternal Turbulance: I'm the lyrical wizard causing blizzards making you shiver when my aura is triggered my soul is like organic crystals that glitter the same as forgotten rivers consider it a warning my verbal strike I deliver blasting you with my energy as if I'm the Marvel surfer made of silver I meditate next to pillars don't disturb me or you won't survive my winter you will start feeling bitter your spirit gets dimmer as if the reaper has invited you for dinner I'll burn you like a pinner melting your mirror reconstruct you into a relic that resembles the 7 star dipper no beginners, my lyrics are like malted liquor burning your liver I'm the scroll for the magic spitters the hermit wisdom giver the berserk swordsman that will make you a believer
Fubar: enemies try but eventually die skill level that is incredibly high give it up, bleed while I'm severing spines sick as fuck, seen Human Centipede twice we move like the legs of a millipede unison, cruise to the edge of infinity stress in my chest that is killing me sharp like staring at the end of a guillotine trust me I'm reckless, plus did I mention? Deebo's coming you better tuck in your necklace nuts in the head with a bug that infected and left me with a lust for guts and intestines body bags in my residence looking to get rid of the last of the evidence back to the elements, writing tracks that are devilish fact is I'm bad as I've ever been Donny G: peep the apparition, I lay the mission, kick the facts edition this heat I spat be like a mack to feed this rap addiction I got that smash your fist in, heat to make you crash the whip and peep this shit, a beast, I get relief then I get back to bitchin' listen, I treat the beat just like a stabbing victim leaking when I speak but I got the reach so you can have the wisdom I puke the new edition, speak the truth but through the prism but that's a given, underneath, it's from the tomb I've risen cause that's truest definition of the hardest shit I slay them with behavior, grab the paper then I spark the splif so use the pressure, you can measure just how dark it gets and I'll be the aggressor but I never let the targets switch I speak the shit that make you read between release the demons, serpentine, believe I'm 'bout to hurt your dreams I'm the behemoth from the deep, I keep the flow supreme so when I preach it's like a feast to eat your whole regime


released March 22, 2020

All tracks mixed and arranged by Fubar
Cover by Fubar
Cuts by DJ Phlegm (Tracks 3 & 5)


all rights reserved



Fubar Chicago, Illinois

Member of Shark Brothers.

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