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Time Capsule

by Gruesome Twosome

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Fubar: There is nothing, only black deep in my heart I'm the force that divided Pangea apart Crack teeth when I spar Break mirrors for bad luck before I stab people with shards Season of the plague, pieces of your frame Fall off, prepare for diseases I create Heathen in the place with a demon in his brain The force that resurrected Jesus from his grave Pray before battling the best Wanted to save face, I tore half of it instead Balance four apples on your head Instead of shooting arrows I'll take a sword, stab you with the edge Ripping it is imminent, I write bars that are infinitely intricate Equivalent to scissor kicks I keep getting myself into ridiculous predicaments Sanity is slipping through my finger tips Subcon: Hip Hop's "infected", a "plague" of rat like wretched messes That make me "sick" it fucking "bugs" me like a "virus" spreading No nice aesthetic, lines pathetic type of rhetoric From guys who don't possess a "flow" and need a "diuretic" It offends the senses with a "scent" that's simply "septic" Shit the "stench" immense from sentences they pen is just relentless It's offensive penmenship and text that's seeming endless All these bores a fucking snore just like a deviated septum gets Don't mess with this the best it gets with "weapon" gripped And shit we're deadly with the phlegm in "general" we're "veterans" of spit With pen "equipped" to end each menace seeming hesitant Tentative with their finger on the "trigger" would'nt press it in Lacking "aim", they're known to "shoot" and miss These dudes just whif it, we're more accurate when "shooting from the hip" The truth is this these two exist to spit it harder Take a little off the top when we come for necks like Benjamin Barker
Subcon: It's time to "throw these hands", a most imposing man "Going blows" with my foes and those who oppose my fam A focused plan in "exposing" those who I can And for the "record" that includes those who go in "circles" like "phonographs" They wrote a rap and chose a path with flows that lack Don't know they're wack and so they act so "brash" and "cocky" but they got no "sack" They "boast" and "brag" explosive rants behind the "cam" And yet they never get the "picture" like an "undeveloped photograph" I'm known to "snap", go "mad" and just react On opponents I'm owning a savage rapping call me "Macho Man" I'm not your average ordinary Joe my flows "expand" Forever "growing" showing "no limits" like the "Autobahn" Full "throttle" audio "speed" that's out of your league Elite, "momentum" increased when "driving" ink into the sheet The pen's a "vehicle" to kill emcees with ease Cause see some should've never stepped into the middle of this "street" Fubar: I am death in disguise, if you really focus you can learn that I walk next to roses and they turn black Stabbed an angel in the gut then returned from heaven It is obvious my tongue was the murder weapon I write for souls trapped within purgatory Battle demons for the last of the territory Read the Bible, laughed when I heard the story Dedicated lyricist I rap for a certain glory It's a hobby and a sport Copy what I form you better ready your posse for a war Look for me I'm probably at your door To hit you so hard you'll die before your body hits the floor There is nobody as determined as I am I'm a tidal wave swallowing the surface of the land Certainly the champ Bury you so deep in the dirt they'll hold the funeral service in Japan Won't see me running from any fight Used to come home with dirty clothes and blood on them many nights Heart's a health risk because of its heavy size I'm nice then transform in front of your very eyes
Fubar: I am the worst of your fears You were confident until you heard I was near and you nerves interfered They analyze every single verse that they hear And eventually attempt to reverse engineer Now I'm back with a blow torch, incinerate enemies Painting of a portrait, I illustrate memories Predator gauntlet initiates weaponry Targeting copy cats who imitate cleverly Not natural, created in a lab Equal to God battling Satan on a track Be afraid of my attack Skin conducts electricity similar to Raiden in a match Soul is gone, it's official I'm remorseless Firing a heat-seeking missile at your door step There's no answer to the riddle, I was born dead With a 3rd eye in the middle of my forehead Chorus: We kill, kill, kill, you die, die, die On the mic it's like youre fighting for your life, life, life When we write you're getting roasted, burned alive, live, live With a swipe of the pen we watch you fry, fry, fry Subcon: These "pussies" "screwing" up the "scene" we leave with open "gashes" "Fuck 'em" we'll "expose" these average "bitches" like it's "Only Fans" And those "posing" on the "cam" and not showing any "passion" "Acting" getting blasted in the "ass" by the "man" just to cash in They boast and brag with no flow and it has me going mad Knowing that I could own them with "punches" without me "throwing hands" "Opponents" and "foes" show nothing that's even known to "land" Supposed "hits" just "miss" me dudes seem "slow".. like "growing plants" The moment that I flow it's like I'm known to "ignite" And when I get rapping I'm having a "gas" when I'm "striking a match" after soaking the mic In "fuel" then "light" it on "fire" a writer "molton" like Turn "foreigners" in rap to "ash" when claiming that they're "Cold as Ice" "Incendiary" device when I write I'm "heated" I mean it leaving defeated emcees at my feet to die On sheets beefing with the weak and bring this "piece" of mine I "sling" and "shoot" off "rounds" until these clowns look like a pizza pie
Subcon: You view this man it's like he's "fighting" in the "colloseum" He moves so "quick" and with this "speed" it's like you "hardly see him" A "brute" that's "fluid" with "movement" hard to "compete with" If you "beef" with him he'll "strip" you of your "meat" like you convert to "vegan" Each verse a verbal "beating" with words that leave you "bleeding" "Underneath" these "sheets" I read that lead you to "eternal sleeping" What I'm speaking "bodies" emcees when I ink it With these sentences "cemented" in the "Earth" like a "Mausoleum" I dismantle heathens at my feet no longer breathing Like "Professor X" to defeat me man it would take a "Legion" It takes a "team of elite" emcess with these multi's Not green new to the scene "human beings" with no schemes unfolding I'm a sight to behold and it's not that I'm being "bold" see I'm just the "type face" it my "time's" now with these lines I "ink" I'm on the brink of distinctly new ways to think A better breed of emcee in an entirely different league Silentmind: There's no blacksmith in existence you can possibly mention That can forge a blade to be faster and prosper against him Walk through dimensions, your weapons are useless here From an astral cord suspending, snatch mics store them as souvenirs Stop and go, rock and roll when we rock a show Lock and load, shot'll blow for that Annunaki gold Chopping flows, leave bodies in the Galapagos Body blows, eat your brains out of pasta bowls Snatching souls, no going back, what's done is done Inner Earth, rewritting scrolls, show you where I'm coming from Leave mushroom clouds in a dark haze Watch as your mind, body and spirit part ways Every time I rip with Subcon I get a blood thirst And Bob the Builder make dynamite, light the fuse, your head'll burst Make you want to go back and spit a better verse Make you want to raise it to your temple let the metal jerk Fubar: I attack with miniature weaponry, similar density To that of Thor's hammer with an infinite energy Telepathically dive inside of your mind and wipe Every single minute of memories I am at the top, comprende? When it comes to lyricism, I've been a god since 10th grade It's time for me to drop some dead weight You're telling me you're straight, but you're not, you've been gay Face me in public You're not tough, thinking you got guts you'll get a blade in your stomach Hate it or love it, angels will plummet And end up prisoners in chains in my dungeons Mics generally burst when I make them ignite Reciting words and the phrases I write Who's gonna be the first to engage me and die Hail Lucifer, you'll burn if you face me with rhymes
Fubar: seeing me is likely as God showing his face to anybody living on this rock floating in space when I'm not probing your brain I am at the pinnacle of lyricism sitting at the top throwing grenades things are not going your way, strangely enough I'm an active volcano that daily erupts lately feeling like maybe I'm nuts whispering "die slow".. staring at your crazy as fuck I train with weapons from a strange dimension but I fancy a blade to lacerate intestines Shark Brothers, each of our brain's infected if we even touch water we change to Gremlins close the curtains it's a wrap I'll dissect the verses that you craft like a surgeon in his lab got a furnace in the back where I burn them into ash I'll incinerate every single person in my path Subcon: I have "no equal", on tracks I pack a "massive ego" And on the mic a "little frank" like I'm "Danny Devito" See there's a "science" to rhyming your mind can't "decode" Yet mine designs enough "lines" to "map" and entire "genome" I'm that amigo who's mean and brings an elite flow While weak blokes who think they're dope "show they're (their) ass" like a "peepshow" "Seeking instrumentals" yet seem they can't "find the beat" though Shouldn't "meddle" (Metal) in this music to these "mutants" I'm "Magneto" I'm "planting seeds" of thought to see how high the "trees" will "grow" And "feed" them what I'm reading "reach" the "clouds" then "drown" the beasts below With a "flood" of imagination I'm taking souls This ain't a "game" and I don't "play" yet stay with an "ace in the hole" When I "face" them "hit" them with a "straight" and make them "fold" They claim the "title" yet when "fighting" on the mic I'd take their "gold" I'd break their souls for creating such "dated scrolls" And man I hate it super basic seeming "ancient" like the "days of old"
Subcon: I fear we're trapped within our last days, a "masquerade" With "masked faces" spreading "disease" like rats of the "Black Plague" Where "facts" sway with each and every day It's hard to say what's "real" or "ain't" or feel awake when things "appear as fake" It's irritating debating who is sincere or snake And "nowhere near escaping" merely "taken" where the spirit breaks Within a "maze" in a "place" in which we created A "cage" we're "enslaved" in "staying" lame, tame and "manipulated" Brain waves get "invaded" made "vacant" my "states" in a state of "stasis" "Decaying" away in a way it "fades" 'til completely "deflated" Pain elevated, "hell" we're paying playing "god" "creating" pawns the way we con with traits that favor "Satan" No "savior" waiting to save your place in a place that's "sacred" No "fate" your "faith's" a waste, a way to stay "sedated" Sadists "slanging" disdain and hate and it's never satiated "Chasing fame and pay" we're made to lay down and just "take it" Fubar: There's no other option left, we've tried for resolutions Assemble it's time for revolution You're seen as a piece of a pie instead of human Expect to eventually die in retribution Fight for evolution inside this holy war Give rise to a solution and strike with no remourse Surrender is something I'm incapable of Tormentor, I bludgeon with insatiable lust I cut the strings, no longer will I be a puppet Keep it coming if your goal is to seek destruction Nihilism is I, try and listen to find A single purpose, look inside an infinite mind There is none, we're broken in half now They eat away either way hoping we back down Invasions, throwing stones in a glass house Mission is to sit upon a throne with a cracked crown
Jake Haw: 99 flavors bring variety These pussy rappers trying to try me can't see irony No iron see I put "I" in team, I'm a lone wolf Known crook, walking got the bangers in my notebook Got my own look studios I don't book I got mine, sick of fighting rappers for my slot time Sick of catching bodies for a hot rhyme Rocka bye baby, the middleman from the crossfire Fubar: This new chapter is dark, true master of art I can spit a verse make the moon shatter apart Move faster than sharks, here to minimize your fun When I cut your neck after I solidify my tongue Crystalize your lungs, qualified to civilize you fucks The moment that I initialize a punch I'm dangerous, die from the cyanide spit It's Fubar, the rapper with a giant-sized (beep) Sadida: Public executions, back to fine edges Watch their heads fall at random like Tetris Hate them all, waging war, battle cry endless The kid awakened hungry after my breakfast With these pieces of shit I'm Shooter McGavin Blood stains on my clothes ruin the fabric But I won't ever quit, proof of an addict Make bitches disappear like doing some magic Subcon: I hit the mic and what I "write's" the "type" discarding foes Those who "suck" enough to "pass a golf ball through a garden hose" Those who "blow" and cannot "spit" so I'd assume they "swallow" Lacking "lines" while my "supply's" the size of like "Dr. Zhivago" I got that "dope" if you want the "smoke" like "Demi Lovato" I'm bringing "heat" to every beat my phlegms a "semi auto" Sending "lead" at heads in "bulk" enough to fill a "Costco" Stand knee deep in "shells" when I got "beef" but I ain't selling "tacos" I.N.F. For those who think I just started son, son I've been a vet I'm old school I'm still getting used to internet I'll rip a set, so many rhyme lines will intersect The ineffective minds will realign signs of intellect My introspect is so dark and twisted Paint with my blood, my art is my heart and liquid Bars are vicious, ripping up your cartilage quick Write a killer whale tale on you sharks and fishes
Fubar: Pray for your life My tongue is the blade of a knife I lacerate quick, never waste any time Insane in the mind Sick fuck that'll put your frame on a spike just to take what is mine I seek revenge, settle scores religiously Write bars using metaphors and similies The equivalent of decapitation Using metal swords and guillotines Blade is autonomous, it'll lacerate your esophagus There isn't a way you are stopping it Gigantic frame is a monolith Horseman of Lucifer waiting for the Age of Apocalypse Broke free from the chains and the locks Finally realized the pain never stops Dreaming of bludgeoning your face with a rock I am Kratos harnessing the rage of a god Chorus: It's Fubar, master of sinister Die if you listen to the wrath I administer Life behind bars, trapped like a prisoner Until I alienate the last of my listeners Subcon: I've administered "pain" with a "rage" since adolescents A tad "demented" and "sinister" like "Nathaniel Essex" "mad aggressive" a lad with such "bad" intentions "Dissecting" cats on the pad to watch em pass without an "anesthetic" I "break them down" on each track they're "hacked" into "sections" I'm "laughing" having a blast as I amass such a "massive collection" Of "heads" of "dead" emcees I seized to have "revenge" and With the pen "attacking clones" that fucking blow just like the "Phantom Menace" Lacking flow and acting slow they have to go Collapsing foes when throwing "punches" that could "kill" them like I'm "Cameron Poe" The "voices in my head" when talking "had me at hello" When telling me to off those who "say anything" like "Cameron Crowe" And if they're "sick" my "script's" the "antidote" With every "dose" their life is in my hands with "pen and pad" alone These "cats" are bitches sitting in the "road" like "calico" "Forever they'll remember" getting "whipped" like it's the "Alamo" Chorus: It's Subcon, master of sinister Die if you listen to the wrath I administer Life behind bars, trapped like a prisoner Until I alienate the last of my listeners
Fubar: Wicked as they come, listening to Pun While I drag body parts trying to fit them in my trunk Living in the slums, city where I'm from You'd get your head cut off while lifting up a gun I am infinitely nuts, you hate when I show up The minute that you run get your face and your throat cut Incision in your lungs, pray that I don't thrust And stick it in your gut just to bathe in the cold blood It's like the scene from "The Shining" Blood in the hallways, indeed it is frightening I know you're skeptical, it seems like I'm lying But I'm not, I actually live and breathe what I'm writing Spitting hot flames Rationalize by saying everything that I've done I did in god's name Legend has it I am death and torment Headless horseman I am Ichabod Crane Since the age of fourteen Swinging a machete like I'm Jason Voorhees Welcome to my humble abode, window frames and doors keep Moving like it's a maze but more bleek Chorus: You find it enticing Try and analyze, lose you're life in the crisis Mind is a vice grip Enter at your own risk knowing that people tend to die when inside it Sadida: The name's Sadida, more than a danger A force of nature in the torture chamber No form of prayer will deny the execution You can fight it, put your fists up like a revolution Time of death is useless, killing it constantly While others sell out to rebuild the economy We kick philosophy as food for thought These fools are lost, knew the cost but threw them off Fame is a disease, got the game on repeat All a circus act, ain't no need to be naming the freaks Of course and why we come reporting live Reading the news 'cause there's more to find But recording time is what's being abused By each of the dudes who are really confused What they speak in the booth is sacrilegious My plans are twisted won't even ask forgiveness Subcon: What's happening with your rapping? It wreaks of "crap" and It's just "ass" and like you "crashed" into "shit" like "Biff Tannen" If I went "back" to the "past" I would alter the "path" of rap and I would send it in a different "direction" with lesser "traffic" I'd be a "locomotive" in "motion" on every "track" and "barrelling" towards the "future" "present" you a "trained" assassin With sentences, pen in hand and a pad I'm crafting my "passion" Don't "believe" in a "god" but "worship" Hip Hop like the "Vatican" Imagine if, this imaginative man "flips" Out an "acrobat" with the alphabet when the pen's gripped Loud he spits and with his "sheets" so "clean" it's like he "shouts" it Each "wave" he rides the "tide" and when he writes it's like you're "drowning" A "battleship" grammatic attack a tactical strategist A "shark swimming" with "fishes" they're getting "fried" when I "batter" them In a matter of moments these spits that "fracture" opponents "ribs" Are gut busting punches in bunches that "crunch" their "abdomens"
Fubar: I'm known to salivate Carnivore, me and beef are supposed to gravitate I choke and lacerate, those who fabricate You're up shit's creek without a boat to navigate Ready to smash, I sever and slash Swinging a war hammer and heaviest ax Leave an excessive amount of flesh with a scab Walk into your funeral with your head in a bag Best on the map when it comes to deadly attacks Leaving you indefinitely in a medical lab Destined to rap accept it as fact When it comes to skill level I'm certainly ahead on the pack It's so obvious, try and build a stone monument In the image of I 'cause now you know God exists Took possession of the All Spark Attempting the ressurection of a lost art Subcon: Mission critical, listen, in dissing "each individual" "insisting they're spitting sick" with this shit that's simply "miserable" "Out of Rhythm" with every syllable, "pitiful" Drivel they scribble "riddled with flaws" and often "unlistenable" We gotta "school" these "kids" and "teach them just on "principle" Or beat their asses after "class" and laugh when it gets "physical" I cast this ritualistic passage a gifted savage With the gift of gab I "hit the pads" and put each "sheet" in "traction" "Mythical beast" a "Kraken" feast when rapping, "breach" the "cabin" When I "sink my teeth in" feed on "crews" and even eat the "captain" These heathens bragging not a task to "body bag them" Packing nothing acting tough but "dig their graves" with pages truly wack and lacking Practice with the pen and "dead" in every facet "Lifeless" what they write it should reside inside a "casket" See we can't have this these dudes with skills a 'lil iffy "Rocking rhymes in time that's right" for some we find's a "little tricky"
Fubar: Trust me I'm dope, listen to the stuff that I wrote Method in which I arrange words and cut to the bone I manipulate, either you love it or don't How I can squeeze a couple gallons of blood from a stone Heart is what you lack most Light can't even escape my soul, the shit is darker than a black hole Quick like Peter Parker in attack mode Swinging a tongue that's even sharper than an ax though Get a knife to the gut I stand by it, Mad Titan turning your life into dust Pray for a quick death, the titan has come Swinging a steel mace the size of the sun Highest above, I am unable to die and be done Even if you took every last oxygen atom from inside of my lungs Pantheon of Greek Gods all combined into one Subcon: I'm meant to do this, with "text" a "weapon" pressed I'm "shooting" "Lead" with what is said you're "dead" each "sentence" is an "execution" I come for "heads", I find this is the best solution End them at the "neck" before they get a chance to "spew" their music What they're "producing dueces shitty tunes" just prove it Crude just "number two's" and what they make is never fluid Not smooth their rhymes are destitute accruing Nothing new and we keep moving 'til our lyrics reach their final step in evolution You "marvel" at these two brutes as if we're "mutants" Once students now "professors with a text that's seeming "superhuman" Dudes "flex" in sentences and yet no "strength" in what they're doing Thinking what they "spit" is "sick it's not" (it's snot).. like "mucus" Conveluted often clueless, lost aloof these goofs are useless A nuisance and should move on from this genre not pursue it Toxic to it, constant tudes and with a "lexicon" like "Groot" Yet they get "rooted" in this scene and see I don't approve it


Collaboration album between 2 members of Shark Brothers: Fubar & Subcon.

This project was a bit of a patchwork of sorts. We both had several unfinished tracks just sitting for years and decided it would make sense to bring them all together, dust them off, finalize and release them as our debut album under the group name "Gruesome Twosome". This is one of those projects we didn't necessarily think much of when we started but eventually came together to what we feel is an extremely strong project.

We also enlisted the help of a handful of talented fellow MC's in Sadida, Silentmind, I.N.F. & Jake Haw to round out the project.


released November 8, 2021

Vocals by Fubar & Subcon
Mixed by Fubar
Mastering by Subcon
Cover by Subcon


all rights reserved



Fubar Chicago, Illinois

Member of Shark Brothers.

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