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Volcano Wakes Up! Vol. 2 (Features & Collaborations)

by Fubar

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it's time for a war, i see you and your friends in a bunker dead bodies emanate the stench of a dumpster strike wit' lightnin', and then it's the thunder to wake you up, this is the end of your slumber on another level, sky's my habitat fuck guns, rather have a knife or battle axe crush the mic and run, i won't pay for it so dangerous when i cut wit' old razor tips i keep body parts under the ground in my basement either that or down in my snake pit decapitated heads inside cabinets this'll continue 'til the day the sky vanishes it's obvious you are afraid, no assumin' it cut your neck, hoist your frame on a crucifix try me fuck face, i'll cover your eyes wit' duct tape grab a fuckin' knife and cut veins i dare you to spit some bars after me i'll grab a mallot and start shattering both your arms savagely scar families, got a dark fantasy to sever body parts and open an art gallery fubar, penetrate wit' incisions witness and listen as i prey on my victims died brutally in the past, from the grave i have risen to walk earth and slay opposition every day i stay drunk, and pray i wake up wait 'til you show up at your place to make love sneak into your house wit' a razor blade tucked and put it to your abdomen, and take your eight bucks walk around like i'm a guest in your crib got your lady makin' me breakfast and shit grab your head, open your neck wit' a twist and stuff dynamite, blow your chest into bits
listen to the sound of the war drums you are not allowed in the fore front hope you're not around when the storm comes lightnin' bolts crack the ground in violence electrocute zeus, and drown poseidon broke my vow of silence crown your highness and listen to the sounds of violins been legally dead for a century cast down from heaven and left for eternity burn your flesh to the third degree, jet if you've heard of me blood shed is a certainty cut 'til i'm satisfied, must me the appetite run when i'm passin' by drunk wit' a rambo knife it's the year of the demons cheer for the legion until both your ear drums are bleedin' i say things that are weird while i'm sleepin' in my basement you can hear people screamin' i'm feared for a reason ..
i was born a sick fuck show no remorse and dig up the corpse of big pun i'm lookin' for a source of income start a fuckin' war for six bucks, my sword will drip blood i was christ in my past life now i'm fubar, stab you wit' a knife 'til you flat line why would you ask why? run and hide for the last time say goodbye to the bad guy i hope you die wit' your crack pipe while you're gettin' high, and you light near a gas line i'm the star that shines bright during black skies angels died during the time i was baptized i live in a castle of corpses travel on horses in search of a babylon fortress there's no way you can handle it, forfeit the hatchet that i use during battle is gorgeous limbs get severed, skin gets shredded and stitched together to make a christmas sweater i just lost it, mentally i'm sick as ever livin' life like i know i'm gonna live forever just lost it, now i'm sick as ever livin' life like i know i'm gonna live forever ..
i think i know where i'm headed, won't be in heaven probably roam earth as the ghost of a legend everything i wrote was offensive said a lot of bad things whenever i spoke and i meant them had a dream i was old and decrepit felt death enter and i froze when i sensed him after clearin' my throat from the tension took my last breath and chose to accept it death follows me around like a shadow night time, i can hear the sound of his shackles listen as he calls my name out i fall and break down in my house made of walls that make sounds you are prayin' for nothin' embrace it and love him, there is no escapin' his clutches can't sleep cause of nas, and somethin' he said that stuck in my head, "sleep is the cousin of death" should i take my own life? cut my veins and hold tight, durin' a rainy day or cold night? or stay on my quest and focus 'til the day i'm in bed and hopin' that death approaches ..
far from moses but capable to part the oceans if i start to focus i am far from moses but capable to part the oceans if i start to focus i arrive in a mask forgot the holes for the eyes, so now i'm blind as a bat find me an ax, hide in the back 'til you come in the door then i'ma slice you in half of course i'm insane, i was born in a grave they found me next to the corpse of a slave created a sword made of hate the force of the blade gets stronger the more i engage take the form of a snake bite your neck for the blood and let it course through my veins start an apocalyptic war in my name you ask? i will give you all the gore you can take i'm bored of the games, force you to pray that your god will save you from the source of the pain hoards will invade, appreciate the floor as it quakes through your body and distorts what you say ..
took part in this craft a long time ago undeniable skill, strong rhymes and flow anti-social, needed a brew just to talk before i knew it i was too drunk to walk used to do drugs all the time, but i did change at the time felt my life was a big waste for those wonderin’ why do i spit flames and outshine when i rhyme on a mixtape climb into this brain, you will find he's a bit strange lost his mind in the fifth grade could’ve died from a knife to the rib cage no gun but carries a pipe and a switch blade time flies, we live then we all die can’t believe how quickly it’s gone by equipped wit’ a strong mind i love music, believe it i’ma spit for a long time ..
clash wit’ a titan, suffer the wrath of poseidon monuments collapse from the violence weapon of choice, the axe or the ice pick don’t make me use ‘em, all i ask for is silence people are afraid when i chug brews i’m known to pull out a blade just to cut you pray when i come through run away, i will crush you, insane the range of my kung-fu cross between a caveman and sun tzu you heard i’m wack? statement is untrue i was left wit’ a cold heart and thick skin, try and cut my flesh and it won’t scar leave you dead in your own yard your dog’s useless, i’ll walk up to your steps and he won’t bark intense when i flow bars jet when i throw darts, i’ll beat you to death wit’ your own arm ..
never heard of you, name must be anonymous find the nearest building and jump from on top of it trust you are not as sick, fuck the apocalypse when i'm ready to die i'll cut my esophogus you are not ready for the wrath i'ma send in sharp tongue, leavin' you wit' half of your neck slit lost humanity, i cause catastrophe they don't talk but i feel the walls are after me just gimme five minutes wit' a knife there won't be a single eye witness to the crime try dissin' on the mic i am able to defy physics when i write, christ isn't as divine i know i got a fuckin' time limit then i'll die fuck being locked inside prison all my life it's fubar, i'm quite wicked in the mind to ease the stress i write lyrics all the time ..
i listened to your tracks, feelin' like i'm forced to break spines i'ma sit and write more insane lines of course i hate life run when you see my butcher knife's enormous blade size you must be crazy letting your guard down and thinkin' you can trust in hades see me in the flesh, better run for safety god got a little drunk and made me listeners worship the way that i rhyme the day you step will be the day that you die run away better hide i’ll climb an edifice and snatch airplanes from the sky face me and die, today is the day i decide to impulsively engage on the mic mentally insane in the mind don’t bother to pray for you life, it’s a waste of your time i came wit’ a knife the blade is the shape of a “y” from an additional blade on the side see you on the street and your watch is decent it’s gonna take a miracle to stop the bleedin’ lookin’ for a pot to pee in punch you in the face ‘til the symmetry is not as even want me to spit heat? then drop the beat then listen to the thoughts of a godless heathen
this is life, and the plot is basic, not complainin' just thinkin' of the hours on the clock i've wasted i'm am lost, mentally i'm locked in cages starin' out the window at a flock of ravens gotta stop thinkin' i am not forsaken waitin' for an imaginary god to change it mentality as a whole is ridiculous lecturing my daughter when i know i'm a hypocrite regardless she's gonna grow to be beautiful do the best i can, and hope that it's suitable kind of sad but my home is a cubicle i'll most likely be a drone 'til my funeral find it hard to rest my brain i was broken but at least my heart was left in place lookin' for a way to change it for now stay away from satan 'til the day i face him the way that i spar? take pain and replace it wit' art to get rid of the hate in my heart i hear voices, goin' insane from echos fightin' for my soul 'til satan let's go ..
time for the madness look into the eyes of a savage i'm the one who resurrected christ from his casket existed when humans used to write on the tablets entire solar systems die i'm galactus jump on stage holdin' a knife or a hatchet kill people and crush the mic into fragments nice wit' the tactics, listen to the rhymes that i crafted everything i write is a classic in front of your house i had to find usin' map quest burn it down, cover the sky wit' the ashes hip hop's still alive, i'm surprised that it lasted this long despite all the wack shit got no heart, what you have is a death wish you are not the first, or the last on my check list gettin' kicked in the face piece, sick of the fake g's thinkin' they're the shit cause they're eight deep you just started learnin' to spit flames even my throw away verses are insane disturbed and a bit strange, absurd wit' a switch blade i'm accurate, i can kill a person at mid range can't even pretend to be our equal demon sektor is a legacy of evil blood runnin' through my veins is acidic brain is completely insane, that's a given cannibalistic, devour your flesh try stoppin' the voices and the louder they get grym reaper, final hour of death not even one single flower is left ..
the frame of a copy cat, gets placed in a body bag talked to jason, he gave me his hockey mask i'll take a machete to your face piece no escape, i'm like freddy in your day dreams some people use a bat for baseball i use it to fuckin' attack and chase y'all tell your dad to stay calm or i'ma have to grab the chainsaw and hack his face off for me? spittin' on a track's a cake walk steal your phone, run in the back and make calls i got a jab that breaks jaws craft insane songs regardless of the wrath they may cause can't cure the insanity of his starin' at the shadows in the mist while he's shackled at the wrists when i rap the floor shakes impossible for me to crack my sword's blade we are all enforcers, you will get caught and cornered then drawn and quartered the jackal is dormant, and that's when i grapple wit' forces and start dismantling war ships pissed off, cause i got a new straight jacket couldn’t escape it usin’ bruce wayne gadgets my crew makes classics the day i stop writing is gonna be when dooms day happens i’ll be brandishin’ a biscuit you’ll be able to see space ships landin’ in the distance who cares about a gamblin’ addiction save yourself instead of ramblin’ and bitchin’ lyrical sith lord, anakin has risen i’m takin’ my verses and havin’ them encrypted cause even though i’m handlin’ the business pretty much nobody manages to listen ..
i write for the demons, fuckin' hair line is receedin' from the stress life got me feelin' strugglin' mentallity, it might be i'm dreamin' let me relax and analyze what i'm seein' i'm satan's avatar, able to meditate and travel far to tell you to your face how wack you are i'm deranged wit' battle scars slay the castle guards, i hate to restrain and shackle arms i'll dismantle your lines, cancel your life i'm feared globally cause of the way i handle a knife it looks like i'm mad calm when i meditate 'til i grab a knife and stab y'all 'til the metal breaks if i hear any back talk i won't hesitate all of your limbs get hacked off, i am leatherface mad raw, that's all you can ever say fuck you for every wack song you have ever made ..
fubar, i am legendary they'll remember me well after i'm dead and buried everybody knows that coach is a beast prepare yourself, album is close to complete squeeze your neck until i choke you to sleep you'll wake up scarred, and missin' most of your teeth wake up wit' a stab wound from an ice pick and an ovaseas tatoo on your iris when i'm in a bad mood i get violent erect a giant statue in my likeness when i die i want you to carve on my casket "here lies .." fuck it, wanna be charred into ashes through out history i sparred wit' the baddest they didn't know nothin' is as sharp as my hatchet cause of the bars that i crafted people recite my name in remote parts of the planet ..
hi relate to prisoners, our brains are similar how am i supposed to educate the listeners? i'd rather slay a minister watch as he tries to endure the pain administered playin’ the cards i was dealt used to get hit unbelievably hard wit’ the belt no light, it’s incredibly dark where i dwell put a flame to your still beating heart ‘til it melts speed of a cobra, deadly in a split second kavorkian, ready with the injections easily make spaghetti from your intestines after i take machetes to your mid section punch you in the face 'til my arm shatters five fingers of death will make your heart splatter today is a wonderful day for blood face gets cut wit' dangerous blades and such brain is nuts, i'm goin' insane and stuff your rotting carcass inside of a grave's a must razor tongue is turnin' your frame to dust it's impossible for you to escape my clutch bow down when you face your master if you wrote the book, i erased the chapters humongous mace cause your frame to fracture can't figure out what my brain is after ..
nice wit' drop kicks able to catch flies wit' chop sticks inside a mosh pit conquered lands during the whole first century figured it out, i was my own worst enemy you wouldn't be able to talk right about now after me shattering your jaw wit' a round house you can try and walk, but i doubt how i appear, and then i'm gone wit' a loud sound couldn't fathom my force i pacify wars and convert 'em into battle rhyme form energy level's that of magnified storms horseman of death wit' a samurai sword lookin' for a place that is dark to meditate focus until my body starts to levitate fubar, when i flow on a beat i'm just bein' the lunatic you drove me to be ..
my bars are miniature sized rockets aimed at your head, intended to blind optics i am psychotic wit’ rhyme topics leave you in the dirt, wit’ worms comin’ out of your eye sockets you are damned wit’ the rest the time has come for you to dance wit’ the dead learn the words and get a chance to impress my jaw opens wide then it clamps on your neck if you ever decide to steal from my castle you will become another meal for the jackal better kneel to the gravel the moment you see my impenetrable shield during battle known for a tight flow, most of you might know steppin' to me, there's no hope for survival i hope that you die slow then i wonder why i'm always being told i'm a psycho
i'm the process of makin' paper from a tree turn your body to water vapor from the heat nature of the beast, i'm stranger than i seem you make me laugh thinkin' that prayer is the key delivery is anthrax, and i'm usin' a rare strain for stations polluting the air waves livin' wit' anger, liftin' an anchor to throw it off a building, killin' a stranger put my friends in unlimited danger i'm only human, parasitic in nature also christ like, i'll step in the deep end and walk on water without gettin my feet wet find a battle ax, divide your faggot ass couldn't count the number of spikes my castle has ican no longer take the fake shit return of the chosen, i came to change it stay away if you are not as violent name is rayden, i'm the god of lightin' rather stay late, maintain my pick ax then hear of you shootin' a.k.'s and big gats ..
livin’ on the edge, sittin’ on the ledge vision is a mess, you are givin’ in to stress daily you day dream, envisionin’ your death you are not scared of jail, only prison is your flesh you had the world, but you chose to settle did drugs to increase serotonin levels put up a wall made out of stone and metal now you think that you personally know the devil he is not what the bible says, "clutchin’ a pitch fork" he’s energy makin’ you think there’s nothin’ to live for got a couple skeletons locked in your closet you lose it and punch walls, to stop them from talkin’ you hide it, but i bet you’re rotten to the core it’s obvious that death is knockin’ at your door should you drown to death, or somebody push you down some steps or you put a noose around your neck try to describe every night, wit’ clever thoughts your wife doesn’t know the last time you let her talk jump off of the ledge, you’ll likely never walk i hate to say it but .. you might be better off ..
you gotta be a little off to battle me, raw insanity stalk your family wit' a saw in back of me able to manipulate the laws of gravity to travel at light speed across the galaxy my muthafuckin' blades are sharpened it's messy when i slice through the veins and cartilage clean the blood after it stains the carpet there is no evidence .. i ate the carcass i'm insane and heartless face the carnage, it's time to embrace the darkness you will suffer pain and hardship horseman of famine approaches .. pray for harvest try managin' countless nights practicin' write classic shit, you'd a thought that christ drafted it rhyme savages spittin' divine passages so fast, not even the naked eye catches it ..
run when i'm grippin' an ice pick demons are livin' inside him, they're grinnin' and smilin' see me on the street, better walk to the side fuck rap, i'll shatter your jaw wit' the mic cross me and die, i stalk wit' a knife lacerate flesh 'til i see the raw meat inside back in the day, you'd get impailed if you lost either that, or nailed to a cross rather die a slow death then fail on a song sneak into heaven to steal the holy grail then i'm gone if you address me on a beat you will find yourself, wit' a machete in your spleen it's hard to impress me wit' the speech many are intrigued cause nobody is ready for my schemes seein' me is like seein' yeti in the streets i'll cut my way out of the belly of the beast ..
there is no escapin' the most amazin' try countin' the number of boats i'm claimin' your soul's forsaken, cold and shakin' flesh is gettin' torn, and bones are breakin' water turns the color red send a rescue team, in search of other deaths eating barbed wire open up my stomach and find license plates and car tires circlin' a boat, anybody falls is in danger situation calls for a prayer prefer meat that is raw for the flavor devastate flesh wit' a jaw full of razors hate followin' the laws within nature test the waters, you will all meet your maker fubar .. representin' the shark brothers label .. i'm a beast ..
your soul doesn't exist leave you in an old dungeonous pit sittin' all alone cuttin' your wrists if i hear any back talk, you are dead i will take a fuckin' hack saw to your neck watch your house, muthafucker might torch it lose your life standin’ in front of my fortress my trash is another guy’s fortune why in the hell you think i mummify corpses? really think you should back down i’m a king wit’ a cracked crown thunder and lightnin’ i’ma bring wit’ the black clouds i mutilate angels, all you see are wings in the background somebody bring me a glass, now i'm ready to drink ‘til i pass out .. death is certain when i show up to your door step in person hold the pen and write while others hope to end my life, knowin' that i don't intend to die this is the most intense of nights choke you until only a ghost is left behind sound of death, be afraid of the war drums stay inside your house, and pray wit' the doors shut better run the other way when the storm comes shield yourself or get slain in the fore front ..
welcome to my mansion, you can hear the ghosts whispering enter and you will experience what bone chilling is i suggest you visit for a day but don't live in it and under no circumstances ever go diggin' in the back yard .. the livin' room is so sickenin' wit' containers of cold chicken wings and old spinach dip the organ that is sitting inside of my dome's ill as shit see me standin' in the middle of the road whistlin' you should be paranoid wit' every single soul listenin' come across an electric chair just don't sit in it diary of a demon, everything i wrote's villainous makin' your part of the mansion is what my sole mission is ..


released February 3, 2012


all rights reserved



Fubar Chicago, Illinois

Member of Shark Brothers.

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