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Walking Dead Beats (Features & Collaborations)

by Fubar

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Fubar: shock and amaze until I rot in a grave the pinnacle, Sebastian Bach when he played you better stop with the games I'm Jesus in reverse, bringing evil to the point even god is afraid I'll spit a verse that is so ill cross its path you're getting turned into roadkill I'll write forever with unlimited punchlines fuck friends I'm on a drunk mission to cut ties I'm trying to recall the last time sanity was mine my bad side had to be designed like an anti-gravity device causing water vehicles to capsize randomly at night you tried survive a bite from a great white now look at all the blood stuck inside of the drain pipes I try and embrace life even though I'm dead but technically alive at the same time
Fubar: I hypnotize, you are deep in a trance leave if you can, if there is even a chance let us keep it grand I'm in full control for now, everything you do is by the seat of your pants you and your producer - equally trash horrible bars, followed by a beat that is wack I hope you get hit by a speeding sedan after the driver looks away trying to reach in the back I'm meticulous with a bar, I'll word it in a way you can further evaluate and interpret what I say driving a mac truck, swerve it in your lane while you're bleeding on the street I'll reverse it on your face further I amaze using mercenary aim a single bullet will kill every person in the place I appear out of thin air, shirtless with a blade after anyone recites any version of my name
Fubar: we all die, don't take your life for granted you'll eventually end up inside a casket either that or end up in the sky as ashes I can get it done with a single line and that's it pray to your god, try and ask it if you stand a chance when I ignite the matchstick lines are crafted in the type of fashion they exhibit undeniably a sign of madness soldier of nihilism, ready for the end I'm a nightmare, similar to Freddy in your head better watch where you're going, every little step or don't and get a rusty machete to your legs deadly with a pen, time for you to die you're nice but even Jesus Christ was crucified get ready to taste anger pick out a tombstone, you're in grave danger
Fubar: no strings are visible, masterless puppet in the flesh escaped from a bucket of regrets no longer prisoner to deity commands I thought I was free when I was deep within a trance I was hypnotized, clock's ticking back and forth lacked remorse when I killed as a last resort negative in dialogue I'm trying to stay calm holding sedatives inside my palms broke free from the chains of oppression finally the way it was destined listen to the agonizing pain in the message hoping when I die I'll remain as a legend who the fuck am I kidding? nihilist to the core nothing inside of him you'd adore I'm known to be heartless in search for truth, see me walking alone in the darkness
Fubar: I'll leave you charred to ashes, start the madness armed with axes that are large and massive scarred and stranded, dark and tragic evil so extreme that it is hard to grasp it try and understand and die gradually flow's on another level, defies gravity I'm dope, throw away whatever you write after me funny I'm slowly going "mad" but quite "happily" blood is righteous, tongue is priceless using a bare hand to crush the mic with name any drug I've tried it, I'm technically missing a screw and I would love to find it thinking it's a game when it isn't blades I'm equipped with to leave you with a face full of stitches you're the worst rapper I have faced in a minute if you can't stand the heat escape from the kitchen
Fubar: I'll sneak into your house with a blade to force-feed wearing a hockey mask like Jason Vorhees I'll cut, expose your brain and pour bleach then overindulge on your remains for four weeks when you see me you're supposed to be scared same look people have when approached by a bear me showing any kind of emotion is rare I'm very quiet, you won't even know that I'm there until your bound by a rope to a chair you can tell I've already killed someone from the clothes that I wear keep yelling, unfortunately nobody cares I'm enjoying every second of the moment I swear I'm ready for the torture and sacrifice show up at your door step ready with a sword and an appetite die from the force of a battle rhyme just have faith, maybe there is something more in an afterlife
Fubar's Verse: time to recalibrate losing part of my mind with each track I make it's blind insanity try and battle me you will die in tragedy find a canopy, reign (rain) is treacherous brain's an edifice, like a maze that never ends complexity to the point, there never was any choice other than to accept it and then rejoice I am not that impressed you mistakenly think you're on my level when I'm god in the flesh you ain't even a little hard, stop with the threats or like Flava Flav you're getting clocked in the chest Public Enemy with a rush of energy drug you steadily with a bunch of remedies eventually with time it'll crush you mentally you shouldn't even trust your memories
Fubar: only thing you have is your fame to brag about delusional, can't even gauge how bad it sounds it's a game of cat and mouse you signed on the dotted line, now you're afraid of backing out hoping you can pass as an artist I listen and think instantly of trash in the garbage every single track is retarded a slap in the face to real lyricists who sadly departed but me? I use it as a path to catharsis listen to the wrath that I harness utilizing bits and pieces of my past and the carnage ultimately results in tracks full of darkness and rage, time flies, and now I'm half way to heartless ready for war, holding an ax that I sharpened no longer afraid, we all end up in a casket regardless
Fubar: you can trust I'm insane, nuts in the brain tongue like a blade leaving cuts on your frame if you like I can leave it stuck in your face call me Vlad the Impaler I am just as insane better than the rest, clever as it gets I'm the best, suggest that you never interject I strike with lightning when the weather is intense get the Sword of Damocles embedded in your chest you can only dream of the day, I completely enslave my own mind just to keep it in chains but the moment I agree to engage I'm like a beast in a cage ready to kill you and eat your remains we're gonna battle, time for me to force you to set a date should've instead opened the door to a better place born with a head of snakes, swinging a sword that'll penetrate demon you're at war with is Leatherface
Fubar: medicine today I forgot to take it I'll be honest, current mood is not the greatest at your house with a glock to break, in cock and aim it, trying to leave with the watch you came with and you know what time it is, stop complaining or end up like the rest, locked in cages I'm old, bought a little pot to blaze it reminiscing of the days when I rocked the stages
Fubar: I got to be insane, te mato con palabras that I say or detach your esophagus with blades now you gotta be dead now you won't be able to move a single muscle from the top of your head down things that I write down, they gotta be clever while you perish, I'm the image of water in deserts lost count of the prisoners I locked in my cellar I take dead people and stitch their bodies together on one is safe, even a loyal fan can get it it's impossible to try and understand my limit listen you wouldn't even last a minute I'm the demon you can read about in scriptures of past religions I am torturous, games that I play are insidious even Satan says I'm insane and ridiculous spoken of inside of a page in Leviticus read it alone and be afraid like a little bitch
Fubar: try and listen up, everybody quiet in the front automatic violence will erupt I can take a bottle of Corona, combine it with your blood and somehow you'll end up with a virus in your lungs put a knife into your guts Tequila got me thinking I can lift up a bison when I'm drunk escaped Hell vigorously climbing up the rungs brought enough heat able to turn Poseidon into dust I'm the man, little bit of tiger in my blood I'm the champ, similar to Tyson with a punch kind of like a diamond in the rough but I turn things to shit, the opposite of Midas with the touch Edd Bundy: otherwise, I'm known as a pyro with the flux every verse I pen the biro is ignited into dust then I breathe, guess that's why this fires in my gut set the track ablaze, flow like ghost rider with a grudge but still I know that I've been riding on my luck like clover decal signage on the tires of a truck I'm just waiting for my time to expire and it sucks trying to build this empire so I retire with some bucks sometimes it's like rhyming is a crux on the other side, I feel like writing is a crutch 'til I leave, I'ma be supplying you with just what's required you don't like it really I don't give a fuck Sadida: if you want the power turn you into a ghost hit you with flows that are written in stone and when the god speaks all biblical quotes got more lines than you can sniff up your nose only a warning my mind twisted and cold my mouth a cannon when I spit it explodes beware the shrapnel will rip through your clothes taking aim at whoever sits at the throne a marksman on target, no missing your dome or "Professional" as Leon slitting your throat the kid is no joke, I'm killing them slow now getting all blown like a pistol with smoke
Fubar: I'm 10% happy, the rest is tragedy at 40 all that is left is half of me I write like it's an occupation but less the salary to the point I neglect my family dedicated to a fault even though I came to terms with the fact that I'm never making it at all I'm content with 20 fans 20 years deep and I'm left with empty hands it's not about the fortune or the fame it's about releasing stress and the torture in my brain sort of in the way, before I go insane I let it go, there's nothing really more that I can say I do what I does and I do it quite well without having to hope that the music might sell listen to the tracks, mission is attack ripping shit in half every single minute that I rap
Fubar: the eviscerate with a pen type immortal entity created to end life known as the "Day of the Dead Guy" name is curse, you will die after saying it ten times cursed and eternally doomed it is certainly true from Shark Brothers I'm the worst of the group I am skilled in emergency rooms and any surgical tools needed to separate a person in two high level accuracy every verse I improve operate at night time under burgundy moons you know the name, if not you'll be learning it soon king of kings, I'm an alternate version of Zeus I'm back with Pandora's Box ready to release its contents bacteria, disease and toxins I'll let it rain over you, to beef is nonsense no human able to bleed can stop him
Fubar: I'm sick in my old age, splitting your whole face you might even die if you listen at close range lit it like propane, fire with the bars oddity, cataloge entirely bizarre light a torch, the situation is dire in the dark you think you are higher than you are delusional and wack as all fuck seems like your mission is to act like you rap and talk tough listen to me, spit to the beat so you can learn how to properly administer heat illest with a brain that is twisted indeed severing ties, I burn down bridges with ease no friends, alone with a mic device I'll shove it inside of your throat if you try and fight I suppose you can die tonight choked with impunity until there is no fucking sign of life
Fubar: I've arrived now I'm back at it you can try but you can't hack it holding a knife or a damn hatchet I strike and I crack planets leaving a crater behind about the size of the Grand Canyon maybe you'll survive if you stand back and realize what I use to write with is black magic I am the rise of the last dragon crack your funny bone just so I can try not to laugh at it you might want to put me in a cage only way you'll hang is with a hook up in your frame look me in the face and tell me Dox Boogie isn't gay if you laugh, get a bullet in your brain killing me is hard, like a guillotine I'm sharp you are out of your element and swimming with a shark at the core I am truly the epitome of dark fact that you exist is ripping me apart
Fubar: I'm known discretely engage if you don't believe me sharp with it, like a guillotine severing your throat completely I'll leave a court room burgundy 0 to 60, short fuse certainly verses are priceless from the exact moment that I inserted the mic in 5'9", verbally 9'6" try and battle me and certainly die quick you'll end up a corpse over time that's exactly what a war will ignite fire with the bars, force of a line decapitates, I am like Thor with a slice time for some action, I'll ignite with a passion 'til the day I lie in a casket


Compilation of features and collaborations alongside many talented emcees, beatmakers and DJ's.


released January 17, 2022


all rights reserved



Fubar Chicago, Illinois

Member of Shark Brothers.

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