Before The Legend Vol. 3

by Fubar

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Volume 3 of the "Before The Legend" series which serves as an appetizer for the main course which will be titled "The Legend of Sharp Tongue" which will be complete by the end of 2013.


released August 20, 2013

Cover art by DJ Rhum'1



all rights reserved


Fubar Chicago, Illinois

Member of Demonios Sekt, Shark Brothers, OvaSeas Movement & Dystopianz.

If you don't like his music, it's simple what you must do. Go to the nearest gas station bathroom after it has been used and … EAT FECES ..

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Track Name: Strach (ft. Moris) [Beat by DJ Izzy] - Cuts by DJ Joon
are you afraid of the dark?
prepare for the change of the guards
Demonios Sekt ready to take what is ours
pain and torture is what made me a Shark
was cut.. but only thing that remains is a scar
got a nuclear warhead in place of a heart
I'm the reason you like putting a blade to your arms
thinking of giving up your faith in the art
but try and realize everyday is a start
dedicated to this, I won't just sit tight
and quit like my dad when he chose to quit life
anger is what makes me want to choke your windpipe
but fear is what gradually corrodes my insides
mad with hunger pains, trapped and underpaid
sanity is slipping.. will I last another day?
what do you think would make you stab your brother's face?
take a sunny day, turn it back the color gray?
Track Name: Timeless (ft. Zo, Raw Profit & Men of Shadows) [Beat by Righteouz Knight]
my music is timeless.. it's gonna last forever
pure poetry combined with the wrath of Lecter
I got a drive that'll smash your fender
I am karma.. pay for your past endeavours
imagine if we were able to stop the sand in the hour glass,
and get a glance into our past?
what if we could change the present,
look back at our actions and make corrections?
can't stop thinking so I take depressants
I'm going to do what I feel until the day I'm sentenced
there's no hope, I'm a remain a legend
finally starting to realize my brain's infected
I never stop, constantly flowing with devotion
knowing I'm the chosen yet I'm frozen in the moment
unable to make moves, notice that I'm hopeless
waiting for my destiny.. the moment of explosion
Track Name: Dark Souls (ft. Hemera Under, Derote, Imperial Serial Killah, Katha, Morf & The Jotaka) [Beat by Morf]
flow be the baddest, chosen to transmit
massive tidal waves, everybody knows of Atlantis
I will choke you for rapping
after slamming your dome into granite causing most of the damage
bones in my attic
living all alone in this mansion ultimately drove me to madness
I was haunted by the ghost of a dragon
put me back together, my soul is in fragments
wrongfully accused, awoke in a casket
buried me alive and I rose like I planned it
I was caught trying to show people magic
burned at the stake and I rose from the ashes
I am the lord of the shadows
war will unravel, leave your rotting corpse in the gravel
take the Excalibur sword into battle
I will show you all the gore you can handle
Track Name: Boondocks (ft. Panoplia Nospegaefaz, Which Craft, El-Roi & Topas) [Beat by DJ Coach 1]
I run away, if I see a sign of religion
to get into heaven there is a price of admission
everything is labeled a divine apparition
"could've sworn I saw Jesus Christ in the kitchen"
got to laugh reading biblical testaments
the 10 Commandments and the fictional "Genesis"
life's a game, no one informed me I passed "go"
rolling with the punches absorbing the jabs thrown
off the subject, it's all or nothing
I'm unfair, won't be any talks of justice
enter my Sektor like you're lost or something
you'll die in a chamber right across my dungeon
friends I was born dope
never did have a fucking pulse, but now I'm dead even more so
tried to manufacture a heart
getting a hold of me is like trying to capture a shark
Track Name: Here Cometh the King (ft. Childish & Alpha Sigma) [Beat by Phlegm]
Fubar.. here cometh the king
judgment I bring to anybody touching my ring
even angels, looking for something to sing
they try and act fly I'ma start cutting their wings
bare witness, while I'm announced by the messengers
cover your eardrums, the sound is irregular
you better crown me the emperor
bringing heat, causing a planetary drought from the temperature
stay in your place, I dare you to flow
get your head decapitated, I swear on my soul
heir to the throne
any continent I set foot inside is declared as my home
I'm here to spread hate, fear me, then pray
you're here today but disappear the next day
sword is so sharp it'll pierce your breast plate
got other kings cornered, appears it's checkmate
Track Name: Book of Life (ft. Men of Shadows) [Beat by Amos the Ancient Prophet] - Cuts by DJ Coach 1
listen to the bells.. it is time for a cage match
concealed identity, I fight with a face mask
in the past I was tied to the train tracks
owed a lot of money.. I died and I came back
face me and die
I am the most high, to shoot me you would have to aim for the sky
hope you are nowhere near gasoline when the lighter sparks
you better flee when the fire starts
robbed a bank so quick
the only evidence that was left on the scene were the tire marks
speed of a cobra, teeth of a tiger shark
be very afraid, retreat and acquire arms
listen to my plan of attack
uppercut enemies so hard they land in Japan
I perfected the craft to get a chance to advance
got to love the dark to be a fan of my tracks
Track Name: Illusions (ft. Lord Invasive, Jollyklown, Inverted Crucifixuz, Morf, Cyber Hydro Akhuma, Verb, Mad Paranohsh & The Jotaka) [Beat by Morf]
take a look around you
we are living an illusion
trying to make sense in the midst of the confusion
open your mind before you listen to the music
become possessed by it and witness the intrusion
learned on my own, nobody taught me the basics
no choice but to fall in the snake pit
developed an attitude, they call it abrasive
oblivious to the fact I'm lost in the Matrix
I deal writing thoughts to devastate
impaled anyone who ever comes across my metal blade
every single song I dedicate
to people who doubt me forcing me to set it off and detonate
when I die, that'll be a cause to celebrate
I'm liable to take a chainsaw to heaven's gate
every line bounces off the walls and resonates
I only ask that you let me talk and demonstrate
Track Name: Kinetic Energy (ft. OzGoon & Cleno Jovanni) [Beat by DJ Kinetics]
every single bar, pure kinetic energy
timeless thoughts that'll last for several centuries
let me try and analyze embedded memories
I'll never get cured if I'm never getting therapy
gotta relieve stress, a verse is essential
first get a pencil then write sick thoughts that'll burn in your mental
you will learn I am vengeful
kinetic turns to potential
it's science, join me in chemistry lab
if you're sick I'll administer the remedy fast
I won't spit on a beat, if the melody's wack
look at all the ingredients the recipe has
destiny's back with weaponry to mentally smash
try and reach out and get your extremities hacked
I'm a hell spawn generating heavenly tracks
I've been around.. how long will my intensity last?
Track Name: End of the Tunnel (ft. Childish) [Beat by The One Russtafari]
born with the gift of gab
hit you with punches and I ain't even lift to jab
taking you back, I'm the "Ghost of Christmas Past"
ready to change your ways after I whip that ass
I do whatever it takes, I possess the rare skill
to drink pee in order to survive like Bear Grylls
acting like you're tough don't count
I'll run in your house with muddy shoes yelling "fuck yo' couch!"
fuck tittie size, slut give me mine
horse from the waist down like I'm Buck 65
I am here to inject
put a wooden spear in your chest or the rear of your head
larger than life, I'm Galactus in the flesh
there is no escape from the madness I inject
insane amount of bars that I crafted are the best
you'll be lucky to even get a casket when you're dead
Track Name: Reality (ft. Cairo, The Jotaka & Morf) [Beat by Lighttown Shadow]
they've got cameras over the streets, I'm being watched
within the belly of the beast you see a lot
over population, honestly a cause for concern
living at the cost of the Earth
lost in the dirt, in the back of my mind
happen to find I'm lost in the fabric of time
wait patiently for the day the planets align
finally came to terms with the fact I'ma die
feels like I've been swimming in gasoline for half of my life
somebody light a match and ignite
ready to blow the fuck up, pass me the mic
ready to execute, after your stand in a line
I'm glad I'm alive, I'm gonna live and continue
to stab with a knife until I rip through your tissue
fuck words, I got a fist that'll split you
if you decide not to stick to the issue
Track Name: Pentagrams (ft. Morf, Katha, Childish, Cairo, Verb, Jauria & The Jotaka) [Beat by Morf]
my mind is possessed, you're nice but I'm twice as intense
when I spit the dead tend to rise from the dead
I'll die for the Sekt
it's impossible to extinquish the fire that ignites in my chest
choose one, it's either life or it's death
try and dissect every single line I have said
it is time for revenge
got a fucking knife to your neck waiting patiently to slice you to shreds
listen to the way that I spit over melodies
sick as if my frame was inflicted with leprosy
twisted as my brain, and the glimpse of my memories
driven by the pain I inflict on my ememies
violently swinging the blade of a metal ax
run away if you want to stay with your head intact
arrange bodies in the shape of a pentagram
there is no way you can escape from the devil's wrath
Track Name: Bad Lieutenant (ft. Lt. Mana & Tarantino) [Beat by Kwervo] (Bonus Track)
welcome to my torture chamber
witness attacks of remorseless anger
beginning of a new age has arrived
Demonios Sekt is Wu-Tang in it's prime
the wrath of legions
I am not the cat to beef with, I attack with demons
had a blast this weekend
feels like my head was literally smashed to pieces
broke as fuck, for the price of a Big Mac
I will gladly put a knife in your bitch ass
people die when I rip tracks
succeeded the first time I tried using witchcraft
psychoanalyze and find I'm a bit mad
it's only a matter of time 'til the kid snaps
why would you dis back?
I administer torture even Christ couldn't withstand